Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009 Utah Tom

My spring turkey hunt in Utah was quite successful. I bagged this nice tom on the last day I could hunt. I called in a couple other toms but was unable to get a good shot. This one wasn't so lucky. He has a nice full fan and an 8 inch beard. My 12 year old daughter was able to come along and got to see the show. Another great hunt in the books!

Trail Cam Cats

Here's what we find lurking around our neck of the woods.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hunting Camp

Ahh yes, back at camp with the day's harvest strapped across my Polaris Sportsman. I love camping in a wall tent, firing up the stove with some sweet smelling pine and cooking up a batch of dutch oven potatoes.
What's your favorite camping method? What's your favorite hunting camp meal?

Henry Mountain Mule Deer

Here's a couple of Henry Mountain Monster Mulies! My cousin was lucky enough to draw one of these premier tags and scored on a huge buck. His hunting partner also connected on an incredible buck. These are a couple of bucks of a lifetime. They'll have a hard time harvesting a bigger buck in their lifetime. Congratulations guys!

Point Blank Bull

A friend sent me this video. I don't know any details surrounding the video but I thought it was pretty cool and something others might enjoy watching. I can recall many close encounters of my own while calling elk. There's nothing like being 10 yards from a big screaming bull.

Huge Mulie Buck

Check out this bad boy. A friend of mine sent me this video a couple years ago. Hmmm....... it has very similar antler configuration to some bucks I've seen and even one I took. See my hunting mule deer photos.

Struttin' His Stuff

A friend of mine took these photos of a young tom
strutting along Highway 9 in Zion National Park.

Uncle Ted talks gun control

Ted Nugent might be a little hard core but he sure makes sense. What's wrong with America, our leaders and our judicial system? Why is it that guns are to blame for crimes and criminals have more rights than their victims?